Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nitro Hangover

I haven't seen hangover 2 yet, but I have seen the first one. And I find this Thrill billy Interpretative to be equal or greater for a few reasons.

Checklist y moar despues de uvos!

They seem to have all the crucial ingredients, and much, much more powerful kitchen for concocting they're cinematic tale of Vegas mischief.
Vegas? Check
Wreck a convertible? check.
Extascy/roofies? I feel like backflips in wheelchairs/other things is close enough to either drug.
Sustain bodily injury, check.
Forget friend on a mattress) check.
Wedding? check.

Seems to me all they're missing is a Tiger, angry Black Superman, and an asian penis. Possibly a blowjob between two ferns, but that might be on the non-youtube version.


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