Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jim Conner

Well, you know where I wish I was this weekend.

Wise man once said there is only 3 sports: motor racing, boxing, and bull fighting. I think that makes this legally qualify as coitus.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Odahl, Borgore at UHALL

Pretty laid back. Maybe not a club jammer, but certainly good for cruising, and loudpack.

Also, Borgore is at U street tonight. Kinda making me wish I was back home. Oh well.

Worth the Wait?

As if my GPA needed another distractoin.

This video wasnt that awsome, until they asked for the test cars back-hhaahah
Also, I'll be at Harry Potter TONIZZZIGHT thanks to a helluva lotta luck and this little potion I call FOUR FUCKING LOKO BITCHES!!!!!!!

Thirsty Thursday, Four Loko Friday

Like any American, I will instanty acquire a taste for whatever thing/activity/over powerd car my Government decides to outlaw. Thats why:

Check this shit out!

Check out the sister blog: Right Here, Right Meow


It's pretty cool I guess.

I know I'm late as hell but....here's some clever signs from Stewart/Colbert Rally

I like the woman's facial expression behind the guy. Also like the PBR hoodie. Gangbang ftw.

Back to the Future reference FTW! No one dressed as Marty McFly though?

Very good question.

Epic costume/sign. This guy should have won a prize...or something

It would be funnier if it wasn't true.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kickass Signs

Why is Lonnie so special?

What more can I say?

I would totally give this guy money. Honest homeless people rock.

Personal favorite.

There's a reason Four Loko is banned

College students must be freaking out after Virginia banned Four Loko from all stores and distributors, ending the days of your favorite numbered drink. Who didn't see it coming though, of course VA is gonna jump on the anti-Four Loko bandwagon. Four Loko is fucking disgusting, gives you the worst drunk shits, and apparently ends up getting you stabbed by a hobo.

Pineapple Express meets Lord of the Rings

From the creators of Pineapple Express comes a fantasy-stoner tale featuring James Franco and Kenny Powers. Looks pretty promising, seeing how the success of Pineapple Express had in the box office despite being a stoner comedy. Plus, it's Danny McBride's (Kenny Powers) first lead role in a major film and, of course, features Franco and McBride smoking that Middle-earth wizard weed.

If I only had a brain

I don't know much about baseball. But what I do know is, 4 gold gloves and a championship or two make you pretty dope. A swimming pool in the shape of a glove, makes you Epic.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old School and New School

Here is a old school pic of Richlington creator, Steve. As a kid he was hired by Nintendo to advertise their product and act like a little douchbag. Its amazing how dope fresh we were as kids. I wonder if he still has that hat...

As we have shown before, this blog glorifies Dubstep and its wonderful power it has on the soul. For those who are too cool for mainstream but too unhip to be a hipster, Dubstep might be right for you. Consult your local DJ before taking Dubstep, as side effects might include: wonderment, euphoria, excitement and, in some cases, awesome ass dreams.


Cottleson Pie

Harry potter comes out this friday, but I'm even more syced for the OG super popular kids book movie:

Check out this band, there out of this world!

Anddd yeah. WTF

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Sleep For Richling


Plead with them, the system aint right. The first Nintendo: blinkin red light.

While I've never fancied myself a military man, I have grown to gain a lot of respect for our Armed Forces, and govenment in general. Few of the branches hold my heart quite like the leather necks though. There are a few better trained groups out there (SAS,SEALs,Blackwater), none of them have that same murders-with-limited-supplies and training- pointed in a direction attitude. So here is to you, devil dogs, and happy 235th.

Curiously my next post is also linked to everyone's favorite invasionary force.

Ender's Game, a well loved and high acclaimed sci fi book. Read it years ago (thanks Brad!) after a couple recommendations, and recently re-read it. By recently, I mean I started reading it 7 hours ago, and just finished (cheers procrastination!). Long story short: It's Hogwarts in space, with lazer beams and space sports instead of magic and Snape, and some much more masculine undertones/overtones. Also, Buggers.

Finally, Fuck tablets. They are complete waste's of time, technology and money. If you have all the money in the world, however, the only way to go is the Adam Notion Q-ink. Its got a camera, that swivels, wifi, a screen that display's e text in full view of direct sunlight, as well as 1080p HD and is just generally dope. It was vaporware until sometime in the last week and I think its gonna be a real Christmas sleeper. Bonus points cause the track pad is on the back, so you can easily navigate while holding it.

ps your a total n00b if you bought an iPad cuase this jonx has a redonk screen, wife, a camera, is faster, and runs Android (Froyo for now) for $450.

pps Gingerbread this week, hopefully Droids get that shit earrrrrly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introduction to DJ Question

Whats good,
My name is DJ Question and my only goal is to bring the most face metling dubstep, electro house, and dnb to your ears...

I will start you all off with a track

Kicks by DJ Question

An early track from me but a tease of is what to come, tune here Friday for a free download of this track and my new remix of Wolfgang Gartner & Deadmau5's Animal Rights.

DJ Question signing off.

Big Night for Hip Hop

Looks like Wiz Khalifa got hemmed up at ECU, sucks. Only a matter of time though, if you ask me.

J.Cole just did the GOOD friday thing, but earlier tonight he dropped this.

Ring James

Might have to start watching these games.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

(JAMZ) Stereo Love

Stereo Love By Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina Scotty Remix
This song set shit off at Dayglow 2 weeks ago. From what i can remember, as soon as i heard the keyboard/ hit, the clothes started coming off and everybody started getting LOOSE. its a great jam that has been invading my ears all weekend. Here you go.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


A lot of People dont like cats! THAT fuckin sucks for them cats are DOPE especially these.....

Steve Likes To Sleep

Everybody needs to sleep. That's a scientific fact. But when you sleep through half of the day and wake up during sunset, that's a problem. Here is Steve, the founder of this blog, sleeping through a wonderful Monday Night Football game. Not only did he sleep in until 3 PM, but he passed out before halftime.

Here is Steve on a Saturday night passed out at 10:00. Yeah that's right. 10:00 PM. On a Saturday. Usually he just stays up until 7 in the AMs dicking around on the internets and sleeps until 4 in the afternoon. Falling asleep at 10 wouldn't be so bad if he didn't sleep in until 3 PM.

Here is Steve assed out on the couch. At 3 in the afternoon. While everybody else was having fun at Lake Ana, Steve was wasting his day sleeping. Well congratulations Steve, I hope it was worth it.

Oh yeah, Steve also likes to kick animals in their throats.

Dubstep is the Music of the Future

Ok so we've showed you noobs some Wolfgang Gartner in the past (actually our first post or two), but this shit right here is a prime example of why Dubstep is THE SHIT. Mixing Beethoven with Dubstep is the work of a genius; making it sound good is the work of a true artist. Meow.

Threat down.

Keeping fear alive.

#1 Top Threat For America: Bears

Bad year for jordan heads ! =(

After looking at the release dates for the future jordans i have found two that i would possibly purchase if i have the money. The fact that Jordan is releasing terrible looking shoes is pushing me further and further away from loving sneakers. I have to be honest i have found a new love for Vans and seeing as you can get around 3 pair of vans for the price of some Retro J's Im seriously considering racking up on AUNTHENTICS. Shout out to VANS !!! Sneaker game is making a change the hipster movemnet is helping evolve what Sneakers heads think looks "hip".


Im sooo proud of america right now!!!!! But you cant lie they look great haha. I officially present this years RICHLINGTON BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME TO lil sammy, j-wow, Lil Snookie, Lil Ronnie, lil pauly D, and last but not least THE lil situation.... sorry vinny i guess they Carried your ass. HA!

On a Yacht; Playing Table Tennis

Wayne is theoretically a free man right now, and is most likely out of jail. I cant say any of that with any real certainy, but it does not really matter. The Weezy I bumped in my moms car, and recited down High School hallways and into my still very young adulthood has been gone for a long time. 2007 was a long time ago, and "the mixtape weezy" has been gone since before the Carter 3 came out. I think hes done alot of good stuff post-Carter 3, but come on, a year where he released, what 300 songs? Inspring a Vibe article about his top 77 songs? Datpiff has mysteriously moved my most cherised work of his, buts its ok I dug through some interwebs and found "The Drought is over 2: Carter 3 Sessions" for all you Eagle Street NOOBS!

I came here with the intent of posting Travis Pastrana's record setting Mt. Washington climb. All you Jalopniks out there already know about this (#wegetit its not Pikes Peak) but it's a good video. Some deustch set the record in Audi back in the day, but he is not from Maryland and his car turbo wasn't cooled by an energy drink (Redbull). Plus, Travis beat the record by a solid 20 seconds on his first try. Which I think is a testament to the progression of automobiles over time as much as it is to the gigant size of that thumbs-upping-redneck's-balls.

This, inevitably led me on a spool centric rally-car-thought train and I somehow ended up lost on youtube, watching that Chrysler Commercial. You know, that one with George Washington in a Hemi? Somehow, I cant picture ol' Georgie in a Mopar. Betwixt their history of failure , and foreign ownership. Alas, I somehow cant picture him in a Chevrolet either. GM's recent goverment-induced financial coma has forever tarnished the Bowtie in my eyes, and that really only leaves Ford. The Big Blue Oval is probably the most iconic of the brands anyway. When you think of an American, it is either Mustang Sally; top down in the California breeze, or Bob the Builder, flopping tools in the back of an F-150. So now i'm wondering, what would good old Jee Dubya drive? It would need power, obviously, and off road capability for those old time roads (or lack there of). It would probably need to be relatively small, as to escape Martha-obvi- but not cramped. Once you factor in George's documented love of the finer English things, the real choice becomes clear: A Cossie! A English pure bred-fire breathing off-road rally monster, dressed in an American sheeps clothing. Small, fun, and welcoming of our OG Presidents heightly frame (Jeremy Clarkson had one! hes 6'5!). While most of us Yanks know nothing of this foreign beast, trust me, when I saw it is a monster. Essentialy a Nissan GT-R (or similiar year Turbo 911, for that matter) stuffed into the un-assuming, but hand assembled bodywork of a lowly ford Escort, this bad bitch really knows her stuff. No amount of words can really do her justice, so I just leave you to your googling. As Duncan Coss has probably the most beautiful cossie on the planet, I decided to just steal some of his more professional shot for purposes here.

.Besides, Dodge's are the anti hero of the muscle car world, something GW simply was not. When I think of archetypal dodge driver I think of freedom loving outlaw , or possibly an equally insane but power hungry lawn man/villain. Ok and maybe sometimes just some crazy Kiwi's in a Quint' flick.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

John Lennon's Dope Ass Rolls Royce

Here is evidence that John Lennon was a hip dude. Not only did he spend his enormous fortune on the most prestige, elite car you can drive (at least for British rock stars), but he had it painted with crazy, psychedelic designs, you know, because he did acid all of the time.

Here is Lennon and his son Julian (who Hey Jude is written after). Look at John and his dopeness. He was the shit. And he knew it. God damn that dope ass bastard.

Fuck Yoko

Dancing Kitty

You know, sometimes you just have to dance.

The Coolest F**king Jam Session Ever

First of all, John Paul Jones. For all you noobs who don't know who he is, fuck you. John Paul Jones is one of the greatest bass players ever to walk this Earth and hails from one of the greatest bands of all time. He is a Rock God. Second of all, ?uestlove. You know that afro guy from the Roots. He is more than just 'that afro guy'. He is the new-age drummer. Fuck everybody else, ?uest is the guy you go to when you need someone to play to the fucking drums. Third, Ben Harper. Who the fuck is that? Actually Ben Harper is a talented ass musician who plays the lap-steel guitar (dont be a noob) and plays like he fucking Jimi Hendrix or something.
This footage, taken from 2007's Bonnaroo, is evidence of the greatest jam session since The Dirty Mac on The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (look it up noobs).

How F**king Cool Is This?

This is a must for every guitar player out there. Instead of throwing your money away to Guitar Center all the time, you can just buy this for $25 and save your sweet ass both time and money. Use old IDs, credit cards, pictures of your nunu and pap-pap, etc. This shit is awesome