Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 King

King Fantastic is really keepin me stuck on hip hop. I'm thinking EDM/Techno/House/Dubstep is the future and gangsta rap is obviously heavily in the past. King Fantastic got me thinking differnt most of the time, and I think he's one helluva stepping stone from past to present.

Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

I know the blogs been sleepy, but thats chaning soon.

Hope yall had a good Christmas and made out like bandits.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas time for the jews.

merry christmas to all the hebrews and shebrews out there.

Ginger bread is so last decade

Murry Chrussmuss

Merry Christmas to all the Christians or non-religious opportunists like myself out there. I like to think of Christmas as a holiday that transcends religion and should be a time for family or to go see Little Fockers if you're Jewish. Stiller, Hoffman, and Streisand in one movie? OY VEY!

I found a video, however, that for me really sums up the holiday season. In the end it's not about religion, it's about having fun.


Myyyyy Bama!

Happy Birthday to all my Nooks out there, and a late Festivus to the Restivus.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chik Fil A might be my favorite fast food place. It decently healthy (for a fast food place) and the chicken is bomb. More than anything, though, I love Chik-Fil'a sauce. My Aunt and Uncle live in Fredericksburg and I've spent countless summer weekends and holidays there. Their local chik fillers had always carried this special sauce which was bomb as shit. You got it out of this big ketchup type dispensers and it would run out quick, back then they called it "special sauce". Eventually it would go nationwide, but I still think of Fredericksburg as Chik-Fil-A city. Appropriately enough, I arrived at my aunts F-Burg abode to discover a Christmas eve dinner of-you guessed it-130 nuggets and a heaping of now renamed "chik fil a-sauce". So here's to you, Hugh Fleming, you beautiful bastard.

G4TV is my shit. Even though its been threw a few changed, both good and bad. Ninja Warrior, and bonsai for that matter. I'm super stoked for there to be an American Ninja warrior. I love how hard the Jap's get trolled when a country farm boy uses his foreign strength/height/ballerness to basicly skip obstacles.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Via laptops that DJ at Ultrabar

We just got back from Naughty & Nice 2 at Ultrabar in DC tonight, which was an absolute banger. I swear that building grew a floor, who knew it had four levels?!? Tonight was extra dope, as fellow Richlingtonian DJ Question spun from 11:00pm to 12:00am and brought the house down. Now I'm blogging on his crippled DJ magic machine.

Anyway, somehow I completely forgot to take pictures, which was unlike me. Believe it or not, completely sober mannytabloid was jamming too hard to remember to capture the event on film. Thankfully, friends with cameras were getting it all on video and stills, which we'll get to you shortly.

After Question's set, I managed to make my way up to what seemed like the 95th floor of this club to find Reid Speed (Someone said pronouncing it the same as 'to read' was incorrect. any hints?) blasting what was an immensely crucial set in the grimiest of rooms. Everything in the room I wouldn't touch without lysol, but everyone there, including the DJ, were all preposterously attractive.

I haven't partied like that in a while.

News flash Bulletin: It's cold as balls, and I'm ready for summer. I'm tired of grabbing my chapstick and finding it filled all the way to the cap. Hella rage. But to look forward to, there's this group of guys called Badass raves has been throwing down all year and it looks like they plan to continue the trend. Lookout for info coming up. (P.S. For New Years, Heaven and Hell 3 looks like a fun time.)

Finally, if you haven't seen the cartoon Adventure Time, you're missing one of the most subtle cartoons of the decade. This is the modern day equivalent to Ren & Stimpy being shown on Nickelodeon, so props to Cartoon Network for airing it during the day. Drug references on children's shows are some of my most treasured memories from growing up.

(Video unrelated. Except it is related, as it's two main characters from the show.)

A.K.A. P Dubb

The team used to call me P Dubb, a reference to Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious film series. I never knew if it was because I preferred chucks as racing shoes, an Eclipse (GS-TEVE) as my chariot, or the fact that I'm white. I like to think it was a combination of all three.

The Fast Five helped me come to a conclusion I had been vacillating on: I'm proud to be a tuner, and happy to call Fast and Furious the best tuner car film series ever made.

Who remembers this gem from childhood? I even got my dad to buy me one of those rings.

All the hype around the cool greys (yeeeghhh in my best pusha imitation) had me back browsing jordan release dates. When all of the sudden, I realized my #2 grail drops this april! Gotta save one of these winter break checks for that move.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wait, whose clappas?!

Whether we like to admit to it or not, most of us can remember a time where we flirted with who weren't supposed to flirt with, talked to the girl asking for trouble just because there was no option at the time. We want to remember all of those fleeting moments in time when we feel most alive.

Luckily, Cunninlynguists manage to drop a beat that underscores all of that and more in, 'Mexico,' a single from their last album, 'Dirty Acres.' The lyricism is tip top, swear these guys are the Boss of hip-hop. In all honesty the highly under-appreciated trio of Kno, Deacon tha Villain, and Natti has been on my iPod since at least mid-junior year era, I apologize for not sharing them with yall earlier.

So share the song with your girl, where yall can 'go down to mexico, where the reefer is cheaper and the sex is slow.'

If you want more, check out Yellow Lines off the same album. For some serious lyrical ability listen to 616 Rewind Ft. Tonedeff, Sankofa, Kashal Tee & Celph Titled

(I'm back yall, sorry for the absence. But I've got tons to write about, Winter break brings times of change.)

Dubya Shaq Tee Eff

Let me introduce the Fu-Schnickens. Putting aside the fact that they are named after what I previously thought was nothing more than a famous New Jersey catchphrase, they are an apparently integral part of hip hop. So cheers to their many contributions, most importantly of which involves a few inches of Warner Brothers red tape, and nearly 8 feet of NBA superstar:


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Total Winter Eclipse Solstice

Anybody going to check out the moon tonight? Can't make it cause of that whole 9-5 I've got :(. Oh well, at least it pays the pills and finances my thrills!

What the hell time is that whole moon show anyway?

I dont speak spanish.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Appropriate Name? Nah - Winter Rehab Review

Hhhh'OK. Ya man Kilometers went to Winter Rehab on Saturday the 18th to check out the local wobbles. MISTAKE. The show was pretty much a catastrophe from a personal stand point.

Firstly, the flier promised 15+ DJ's, which was totally incorrect. I was there for three hours and all I saw was one fat mexican House DJ and some random ass DnB bitch in the other room.

Secondly, the show was not planned well. There was a walkway/catwalk where people were showing off rave worthy clothes, instead of having dancing in front the DJ like a normal show. All I could think was "what the fuck?" An unfortunate part of the show was the date as well. Most VCU students had already left and with the location being in Midlo, there weren't enough people for a real rave environment. I was talking to more drug dealers than bitties, not cool.

So in conclusion, I'm looking for the next Wonderland and haven't found it. It was a waste of $12 and a roll, wholetime. Hopefully, Naughty and Nice 2 will be bumpin.

There was some cool merch though...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skinsnation, Austin City Pimpin

I understand that teams have bad games, bad weeks, bad seasons. Maybe even a couple of rough years. Usually those teams are broke, stupid, and/or unlucky. We've got Snyder money, and have had a string of capable staff/coaches. Were a hop, skip, and fumble away from polishing off a pretty wretched DECADE! At least we can look back at this season and remember that sense of hope when McNabb was coming. Or beating Dallas (once, at home). Or when we got to be the special guests on The Mike Vick Show. Maybe we should stick away from Quaterbacks that are named after soup, or that keep eating it with their moms.

People are always telling me Austin is a cool as city in a crazy State that has a really fun beard. Ghostland Observatory are definately helping me believe in some Austin-Awsomeness

Credit to Katie Partlow for getting me hipper than a phone clip.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Look Inside Yourself, IDM Swaps

Morning Barafunk!

I'm not sure how serious this guy is, but the beat is eggwhite (not yolking).

The Irish appear to be kings of the cross-brand engine-swap. I guess drinking and driving is easier with a heart transplant?

The Wholeteam back in gnArlington for the Month or so, so if you see us let us know whats grapes! Caught the Wakefield game yesterday, had to leave right quick; for Jean-Louis b-day party. Big thanks to Jay-Lou and the whole RDC for the hospitaltiy. It was cool to see all those kids again.

Why do they call them Yorktown girls? Cause you show them George Washington and they surrender.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Reppn VA

Whats up you floozies, this video caught me by surprise about 2 weeks ago, its pretty catchy and i have no problem with a nice flow or anyone that reps 2 up 2 down. It was filmed in the great ol RVA, enjoy unks!!!

The Clipse ft. Pharrell and Kenna "Life Change"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need. More. Wobble...

These barafunks think they know wuss grapes? They don't. So I looked up the dirtiest of events going on over this winter break. I'm ignoring New Year's shit, there's too much going on.


Winter Wobbleland - December, 17th [DMV]

This one is 21+ event, which is hella gheigh for yours truly. It supposed to be a pretty womped event for those lucky or hip enough to know what's good. Hosted by LBX and Bassface, darkstep, dnb, breakbeat, and basstarded house are all going to be featured here. Only downside is the location, it's in Centreville, gods know why...

Winter Rehab - December, 18th [RVA]

This rave/dance party is being run by the same stoopkids that did Wonderland, so this should be pretty wile. It's featuring 6Blocc, Prolific, Hot Pocketz, Kimsey, Dave Gee, Turnstyle Soundsystem, and obviously a lot more. Kulture is hookin it up with $12 tickets ahead of time.

Dub Nation Vol. 22
- Also December, 18th [DMV]

Mothafuckin SKRILLEX and MAYHEM, god damn. This Baltimore jont is going to be absolutely ridiculous. I missed Skrillex when he was here in RVA, so this would be a good chance to catch him. After checking the dubstep pulse, tickets seem to be sold out except for StubHub or other saucy ticket brokers sites. Perhaps this event is too commercial for true bassheads...

Naughty and Nice 2
- December 22nd [DMV]

This jont is in D.C. a few days before Christmas. It's featuring AK1200, ReidSpeed, Uberzone, Terry Mullan, fellow Richlingtoner DJ Question, and more. Tickets at GrooveTickets.

- January 8th, 2011 [RVA]

This one looks pretty interesting to me. It has some underground breakbeat and dubstep breakshit going on. Expect some new music you might not have heard before and expect some kangols and track suits. It's $5 for 21+ and $7 for 18-20 at the Camel.

Dub Nation Vol. 23
- January 15th, 2011

This one looks so ill. It's being triple headlined by PropTingz, Sluggo, and Dillon Francis. All of this shit for only 10 bucks, I'm fucking going. I'm buying tickets as soon as I finish posting because I know this is gonna be going fast, fast, fast. WHOLETEEEEEEM.

Good Head and R.V.A.Dubz

First things fellatio:

Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

We spend a good amount of time going on various adventures around Richmond, and I always got my head on the swivel for dope rides.

For whatever reason, RVA seems to have a crush on VW's. As seen in this clean, classy conversion Evan snapped at Lee's chicken (review coming soon), and in this South of the border themed type 1, just below.

Sorry for the picture quality, strapped with just a droid for now :/

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


New Richlington goal is to keep the posts more RVA/DMV related, and this is as close as I could get for now.

For those of you that don't know, thats Nardwuar, probably the best interviewer on the planet. This is most def one of the Top 3 all time Human Serviette interviews. GWAR is an intergellactic sex show that call Richmond hive (home).

It's a-Me! Niko!

This trailer is better than the first Mario Bro's movie combined, doubled, and coverd in PUDDI PUDDI. When Toad showed up, I damn near lost it.

mixn it up ehh?

I love all kinds of music but this really caught my attention after listening to J. Cole's "Friday Night Lights" mixtape. A track called Love Me Not really sounded very familiar in a strange way....

Did you catch the melody?

Yes its Stevie Wonders 1969 classic "My Cherie Amour"

Big props to J. Cole for this one!!!


Now its time for the sickness, from my favorite local car forum's automotive gallery section to a thread called DOPE STATUS!!!

Autumn Drift Matsuri 2010 - Ebisu Circuit, Japan from Remi Schouten on Vimeo.

Remember Viva from Christoph Wick on Vimeo.

soccer LOLz

so as a true sports fanatic and a lover of photography, i can really appreciate the great combination of two. especially when its pictures of sports bloopers this is my first post of many about sports bloopers.

start it off with top 10 misses



end it off with some soccer mamas

I'm Not Keeping Tabs On Cars

Tommy is to body hair as is Miles is to sleep. It's six in the morning again and so now it's time for a nice cuddle by the computer screen story, courtesy of Kilometers. Whats grapes to Cap'n Snapback, the B.E.T. Baywatch Star.

I don't know too much about cars. I can see people up in Richlington got a Cudi sized Mr. Rager for automobiles. I really ain't an enthusiast, man. I whipped a '01 Subaru Impreza Sport back in high school named the Silver Surfer. Occasionally, I'd get a compliment from a random asian dude bumping DeadMau5 in the school parking lot or outside El Charrito. But when people start talking cars, I often ain't hip to what they rappin. I do have a dream car and pretty cool good story to go with it. One night back in Arlington...

Something about european tags makes a car more dank...

It was the second day back from my beach week. I had been blunt cruising in the Surfer all down 50 and was going home for dinner when my cousin called. My cousin just graduated from college and was in town for the weekend. He's the only tight relative I have on the white side of my family. Fresh from UC Santa Barbara, cousin Charlie had brought himself to my house in the hopes to see me but had to settle for my parents. Anyways, Charlie tells me over the phone that his friend is performing at a rave with 12 or so other DJ's and got us two invites to go. UHHH, welcome to Jack in the SICEBOX, can I take your order? I rush back home, eat with the folks, and then dipset with Charlie back to his house. When we get to his casa, he surprises me with a couple of dankass Grateful Dead tabs. I know this is going to be a great night.

Peep the 2nd row and 4th square. It's pretty close to what I had.

We take the tabs right away but the show isn't for three or so hours. So now we're just starting to trip in his basement while reality starts warping. Fast forward three hours and we are in full swing of mind bending perception. Charlie notices the time and says we should head out to the place. This is a great moment as we drive off in my Silver Surfer. The song that comes on right away isn't techno or any electronic music at all; it's Hurricane by Bob Dylan. At the peak of the song, we hit the highway. I'm tearing down 66 on a fucking hallucinogenic to this very song and something hits me right on the top of the brain. I start to imagine myself driving the car Wooderson drove in the film Dazed and Confused, my favorite movie of all time. A shiny black 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with white racing stripes on the center of the car.


With the acid in full swing, my brain was convinced of this awesome change of vehicle as I neared 90 miles an hour without a soul on the road. It was only midnight after all. I told Charlie that that I was driving the car from Dazed and Confused. He laughed, telling me that he was Wooderson and that I was Pink and he was letting me drive his car. Somehow, it seemed like he wasn't even kidding and that was really the truth. I think he thought it was true at a certain point. We listened to more 70's music and I finally slowed down to a reasonable speed. It was an amazing experience as we reached some random Fairfax exurb to the most awesome rave I've ever been to. The rave itself is a whole other story for another time. But I still see that car when I close my eyes some times.

The Dopeness BEGINS!!!!

Let me say this STEVE seems to be raping this blog with wack bull squeeze. As a new contributor to this blog i will be sycing the living shit out of everything I post. I will also be getting you hip to silly lingo that be floatn round floozie land.

"Whats grapes" - whats good, whats up, how are you doing, why hello, and of course hello
"barafunks" - MOTHER FUCKER

more later

But now sex.....

You ain't low enough till your rims tuck!

Thats all folks