Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Know Who Everyone Hates?

Fucking Clowns.

I really don’t know one person who even remotely can stand the sight of one. I consider them being the skid-mark of the comedy boxer-briefs, and I’m sure almost everyone agrees. Thank god my parents refused to have them at my birthday parties when I was younger, otherwise I could have been the victim of a John Wayne Gacy copycat, or maybe Bo Bo the Candy Van Driver. Look at their beady eyes and huge red fucking nose. You should never trust anyone who has a Pinocchio tumor growing out of their painted face. Clowns lie to children almost as much as their parents do. I wonder if some people are just born to be a clown, or if they had a traumatizing past, let’s say caused by a clown, that made them into the assholes they are today.

This little gem I discovered while watching a less than prime time show that hosts the other hatred in my life—fucking pigs. Watch this fucking display of bullshit entrapment, if I’ve ever seen it. Look how Coco the caca copper fucks with these street walkers. No doubt this girls copped a feel of coco’s cocos, while the trap was being set. These bass heads are so cracked out that they’re still giggling even after they get locked up.

In my entire life, this is the only cool thing I've ever seen a clown do. This guy acts like a young drug abused Tom Waits, whatever that means. You should also check out other videos that these guys make. There are some good ones.

I pray every night that somehow the paint that they put on their face has a chemical that mysteriously sterilizes their sorry asses. Don’t even get me started on Juggalos. Those Jim Jones kool –aid drinking wannabes really drew the short end of the stick when it comes to shitty fads. Their brain cells must be committing suicide or something, because no one with average intelligence could ever make something as terrible as ‘Miracles’. It’s a miracle someone hasn’t murked their asses yet.

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