Thursday, November 4, 2010

Steve Likes To Sleep

Everybody needs to sleep. That's a scientific fact. But when you sleep through half of the day and wake up during sunset, that's a problem. Here is Steve, the founder of this blog, sleeping through a wonderful Monday Night Football game. Not only did he sleep in until 3 PM, but he passed out before halftime.

Here is Steve on a Saturday night passed out at 10:00. Yeah that's right. 10:00 PM. On a Saturday. Usually he just stays up until 7 in the AMs dicking around on the internets and sleeps until 4 in the afternoon. Falling asleep at 10 wouldn't be so bad if he didn't sleep in until 3 PM.

Here is Steve assed out on the couch. At 3 in the afternoon. While everybody else was having fun at Lake Ana, Steve was wasting his day sleeping. Well congratulations Steve, I hope it was worth it.

Oh yeah, Steve also likes to kick animals in their throats.

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