Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plead with them, the system aint right. The first Nintendo: blinkin red light.

While I've never fancied myself a military man, I have grown to gain a lot of respect for our Armed Forces, and govenment in general. Few of the branches hold my heart quite like the leather necks though. There are a few better trained groups out there (SAS,SEALs,Blackwater), none of them have that same murders-with-limited-supplies and training- pointed in a direction attitude. So here is to you, devil dogs, and happy 235th.

Curiously my next post is also linked to everyone's favorite invasionary force.

Ender's Game, a well loved and high acclaimed sci fi book. Read it years ago (thanks Brad!) after a couple recommendations, and recently re-read it. By recently, I mean I started reading it 7 hours ago, and just finished (cheers procrastination!). Long story short: It's Hogwarts in space, with lazer beams and space sports instead of magic and Snape, and some much more masculine undertones/overtones. Also, Buggers.

Finally, Fuck tablets. They are complete waste's of time, technology and money. If you have all the money in the world, however, the only way to go is the Adam Notion Q-ink. Its got a camera, that swivels, wifi, a screen that display's e text in full view of direct sunlight, as well as 1080p HD and is just generally dope. It was vaporware until sometime in the last week and I think its gonna be a real Christmas sleeper. Bonus points cause the track pad is on the back, so you can easily navigate while holding it.

ps your a total n00b if you bought an iPad cuase this jonx has a redonk screen, wife, a camera, is faster, and runs Android (Froyo for now) for $450.

pps Gingerbread this week, hopefully Droids get that shit earrrrrly.

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