Thursday, November 4, 2010

On a Yacht; Playing Table Tennis

Wayne is theoretically a free man right now, and is most likely out of jail. I cant say any of that with any real certainy, but it does not really matter. The Weezy I bumped in my moms car, and recited down High School hallways and into my still very young adulthood has been gone for a long time. 2007 was a long time ago, and "the mixtape weezy" has been gone since before the Carter 3 came out. I think hes done alot of good stuff post-Carter 3, but come on, a year where he released, what 300 songs? Inspring a Vibe article about his top 77 songs? Datpiff has mysteriously moved my most cherised work of his, buts its ok I dug through some interwebs and found "The Drought is over 2: Carter 3 Sessions" for all you Eagle Street NOOBS!

I came here with the intent of posting Travis Pastrana's record setting Mt. Washington climb. All you Jalopniks out there already know about this (#wegetit its not Pikes Peak) but it's a good video. Some deustch set the record in Audi back in the day, but he is not from Maryland and his car turbo wasn't cooled by an energy drink (Redbull). Plus, Travis beat the record by a solid 20 seconds on his first try. Which I think is a testament to the progression of automobiles over time as much as it is to the gigant size of that thumbs-upping-redneck's-balls.

This, inevitably led me on a spool centric rally-car-thought train and I somehow ended up lost on youtube, watching that Chrysler Commercial. You know, that one with George Washington in a Hemi? Somehow, I cant picture ol' Georgie in a Mopar. Betwixt their history of failure , and foreign ownership. Alas, I somehow cant picture him in a Chevrolet either. GM's recent goverment-induced financial coma has forever tarnished the Bowtie in my eyes, and that really only leaves Ford. The Big Blue Oval is probably the most iconic of the brands anyway. When you think of an American, it is either Mustang Sally; top down in the California breeze, or Bob the Builder, flopping tools in the back of an F-150. So now i'm wondering, what would good old Jee Dubya drive? It would need power, obviously, and off road capability for those old time roads (or lack there of). It would probably need to be relatively small, as to escape Martha-obvi- but not cramped. Once you factor in George's documented love of the finer English things, the real choice becomes clear: A Cossie! A English pure bred-fire breathing off-road rally monster, dressed in an American sheeps clothing. Small, fun, and welcoming of our OG Presidents heightly frame (Jeremy Clarkson had one! hes 6'5!). While most of us Yanks know nothing of this foreign beast, trust me, when I saw it is a monster. Essentialy a Nissan GT-R (or similiar year Turbo 911, for that matter) stuffed into the un-assuming, but hand assembled bodywork of a lowly ford Escort, this bad bitch really knows her stuff. No amount of words can really do her justice, so I just leave you to your googling. As Duncan Coss has probably the most beautiful cossie on the planet, I decided to just steal some of his more professional shot for purposes here.

.Besides, Dodge's are the anti hero of the muscle car world, something GW simply was not. When I think of archetypal dodge driver I think of freedom loving outlaw , or possibly an equally insane but power hungry lawn man/villain. Ok and maybe sometimes just some crazy Kiwi's in a Quint' flick.

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  1. As much as you have a hardon for the Cosworth, methinks gee-dub would drive a Jaguar E-Type from the seventies.

    Or a CTS-V.