Saturday, January 22, 2011

DJ Who? DJ Kue.

Everybody heads up on this one. DJ Kue is fresh to the (electro) house remix scene, putting out two RIDICULOUS songs like these in the past two months alone is preposterously impressive. I cannot stop my head from bouncing to these two.

First is a remix of the song that took Wiz Khalifa from East Coast heads to a national audience, Black and Yellow. Be sure to play this at your next shindig/banger/animal house.

Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (DJ Kue Remix)

More past the break.

Next is a remix of a song slightly less known. After his gold album, "The Adventures of Bobby Ray," B.o.B. went back to his mixtape game with the release of "No Genre." While it didn't have the stellar response of The Adventures, (It was a mixtape afterall...) a song Beast Mode caught the eye of DJ Kue. He put the drop on this one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, B.o.B. Beast Mode (DJ Kue Remix)

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