Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Listen to This. Or Go Fuck Yourself.

New Release from Nicky Disko!!!!!!!!!


Disko Bandit by Nicky Disko

Jams spread all of this thing like a butter soaked country biscuit on a cold winter morning. Pure techno jems in this coke-rock-solid internet release. Quite a bit of variety for just 6 songs. Look for m0aR Disko in the coming months, as I'm sure your hunger for Nicky has just been planted. Through and through, I'd think its safe to say this is one helluva debut.

Expand your mind, open your ears. Parachute it; water bottle, cheers.

Full disclosure: Mr. Disko is my oldest friend. But I would'nt feed you guys gribble no matter what, would I?

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