Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bad Droids, Bad Droids.

It has been a mysteriously Star Wars'y day on the internet for me. Yoda talk on twitter, and some vids on facebook got me reminiscing about that galaxy far far away. I remember the first time I watched this Star Wars Fan Fiction film I did not even notice its horrible quality, so it must have been one helluva long time ago, cause it looks like womprat turd.

There's a behind the scenes video but close as I could get was this muted youtube clip.In the original behind the scenes they mention the dumb toy they used for the droid, and how they were mad they couldn't find a isolated-enough dessert/dry lake bed to not have mountains in the background. "Troops" considers one of the most important fan fiction films, and certainly one of the most in Star Wars lore, and I think rightfully so. It also is considered one of the pioneers of the whole "viral video" phenomenon, as it existed only in nerdfull convention shows, listervs and other associated geekcaves before hitting it big on the copper screen (youtube).
Few words from the creators after the grapevine.

Red 712 over and out. YOU FUCKING NERFHURDERS.

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