Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dessert of the Future

After trying unsucessfully to locate a fried oreo at the "intercultura" festival in Monroe Park today, I got to thinking about sweets. And lurking. This is a cool dog. I have yet to have one as they are sold almost exclusively in New England. I shot them an email long before they listed the first half dozen Yankee shops to hold them. Still holding out that harriss teeter picks em up for distrubution. Its bascicly a ice cream tube slapped between two sponge cakes. Apply your own toppings/condiments.

Next up is the pushcake. A cross between cupcake,popsicle, and delicious. Havent got my hands on one of these, either. A man can dream.

Really tho, nothing beats the king. Nothing.

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