Friday, April 22, 2011

Rollerblanding Fangbangers

I was having a bit of a nostalgia attack, after I spotted a Disney movie doppleganger in one of Vice Studios Facebook albums. I couldn't quite place my finger on which angst filled teen movie the doppelgangers legitimate form had starred it. After a quick gym sesh it hit me like a Brink wall.

This guy was a spitting image of whatever-the-fuck the bad guys name (turns out its Val-I <3 the 90's) from Brink was!! Goddamn you X-bladers! Looks like he did some relatively mediocre TV work (one tree hill, other CW dribble) eventually devovling into some kind of Jersey Shore-esque Club Promoter/Jean Whore/Bottle Service slave.

Good Charlotte x Silicon Tits raised to the power of deouchgebag.

But all hope was not lost! In true Easter fashion, it appears Mr. Horrigans career is poised for a resurrection. Slated in a next season episode of True Blood (I cant fucking wait) as a fangbanger (hopefully a rollerblading one).

As added bonus points, he was featured in another beloved Disney Movie "Escape to Witch Mountain". In true 90's fashion he was a bully with an "X" name. (he wants to show you his tree house and play his duck call, apparently.)

On a further note, I cant decide if its more HA HA hehe that his has 0 friends on myspace (not even Tom!) , or that his favorite athlete on facebook is none other than Soul Skater Andy "Brink" Brinker.

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