Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot Wheels Oregon Hill

I've been traveling with that Canon hunk of ameataur photography gold since the leaves turned now, and I've been putting it to good use. Mostly catching worthless Facebook photos, but also of some delectable local rides. Decided this might be a better place to lay them rest than my hard drive. Up first is a sleak and clean Fourth Gen Flame Chicken.

This particular late model came WS6 equipped, as well draped in a rather menacing black. It was exceptionally clean for it being mid winter. Hope that is a sign of extra up keep and not a lack of drive time.

I don't speak bowtie, and as such I need a chevy translator to decipher what exact year it is. These fat nosed models only came with two engines; both good stock for 300 horsepower. A black Terminator Mustang lays its head just around the corner. I like to think two Detroit rivals growl at each other any chance they get.

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