Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Landmark Lowrider's

Who knew that Little River Turnpike ran into Crenshaw Ave. ??

Here I was, after a morning at the Barnside Diner/perusing the Salvation Army aisles for work ties (4 for $12!) headed toward Braddock Road to avoid i95 traffic and what do I see.

A candy painted and juiced up Cadillac Fleetwood. Turns out this, and other slow and low cruisers, and the Exxon which they are based at belong to this awesome guy Mintu and his brother. He said it took years to get the cars he wanted, and that hes a certified CCE hydraulics and Snap On tools salesman.

Close inspection revealed damage to the rear quarter panel, but other than that this was a pristine West Coast hopper.

As soon as I whipped into the parking lot a 1964 Chevrolet shot into my peripheral vision.

Mintu saw me and came out to hop it up even more. I think he was a little disappointed when I told him I was taking photos and not a video, but its all grapes.

The Six'fo was as close to complete as I could imagine, Mintu said it took him 8 years and countless dollars to get it to this level.

Official Dayton's these are one pretty penny.

Even the hood was immaculately painted.

I had never seen headlight covers quite like these. Apparently the "sleepy eye look" is big in the Low Rider culture.

I spotted this 'Busa around the corner and went in for a closer look.

There was busy shopping center around the corner, and within the parking lot I spotted this classic Buick Wildcat.

It was in pretty clean condition, and I'm sure by the time Mintu works his magic it will be another automotive gem to add to the collection.

Right next to the classic Buick was this 53' Chevy that I initially mistook for a Cadillac.

You just don't see this kind of styling anymore.

Those seats! So regal!

While scoping out the Wildcat this icy ride caught my eye.

I guessed it was setting up for competitive hydraulic competition, but Mintu let me know he has no intention to brake any axle's and is setting it up for huge rims, for that full "donk" look.

Plans in the future for the Impala include chroming the undercarriage and a Miami based convertible conversion.

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