Friday, May 13, 2011

Wavefield Blows Up

Everyone's favorite South Arlington high school channeled there inner Road Trip and bomb threat'ed a few AP tests.

All was not lost! As the football bleachers were filled to capacity for the first time since....they were built. A wave that would could make Fukushima power plant tremble was the result. (too soon, too tsunami?)

Unleash the fury after the grapes

The threat went down around 11am, and the student body spent a solid two hours baking in the May sun. The bomb may have been immiginary, the beach balls however, were real:

There was two AP test's taking place, AP World and AP Macro, with 15 and 5 minutes left, respectivly. Ye' Olde College Board decreed that if the bomb threat was fake and the phones and tests were secure (they were),the kids could finish their morbid testing. AP Macro would have to wait until Wednesday. The students spent the remainder of the school day in their 5th period class. The Warriors scheduled for the later, 2nd lunch, normally from 12:34 to 1:17 were allowed a 1:15-1:50 window to eat. No word on how the others fought off bomb-induced hunger.

Costing the county a rumored $1 million in K9 and bomb squad fees, is still certianly much less than the cost of bad press of a badly handled threat like this. Word on the street is that the call was placed by a girl from a pay phone inside the Building. Keep you updated as we learn more.


Big thanks to Whitney, our sun burned in-the-field(Wakefield) correspondent.

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