Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slave Babies

Headed to the Black Girls show at Belliceaux in just a few.

Promise to roger back after the show, or sometime tomorrow if we have enough fun.

Vimeo interview with them after the grapevine, and eventually our words on them.

Black Girls from Duy Nguyen on Vimeo.

As promised! I have returned. As you can perhaps tell, it is two days later and that is in fact how long it took me to recover. Aside from the fact that PBR's cost an outrageos 2.50$ at Balliceaux, it was quite the valuable night. In a stroke of pure brain fart, I left my camera at home, so my description of the venue as the cozy corn of a early 1970's James Bond villains swinger mansion will have to suffice. The lone bathroom situated in directly opposite the stage was particularly memorable.

Perhaps the only thing easier on the eyes than the gaggle of handsome boys populating the stage was the instruments they were wielding. I specifically remember a dreamy blue Les Paul, that matched their buddah head, as well as a sparkling white six string. Orange amps and an equalizer box kept the backdrop pretty, as well.

Their sound, self described as snuff rock, is catchy and technically interesting. A myriad of quick guitar licks throughout the night, multiple singers, and solid all around sonics kept the crowd engaged and dancing for the duration of their set. The set did end rather abruptly, perhaps because we all wanted more.

My longstanding suspicion that they are our neighbor was confirmed as I walked in and met Drew, who by all acounts is the frontman (front girl?). Had a pleasant conversation and I cant wait to see more of this group, in my neighborhood street, playing the bars in RVA and beyond!

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