Friday, December 24, 2010

Chik Fil A might be my favorite fast food place. It decently healthy (for a fast food place) and the chicken is bomb. More than anything, though, I love Chik-Fil'a sauce. My Aunt and Uncle live in Fredericksburg and I've spent countless summer weekends and holidays there. Their local chik fillers had always carried this special sauce which was bomb as shit. You got it out of this big ketchup type dispensers and it would run out quick, back then they called it "special sauce". Eventually it would go nationwide, but I still think of Fredericksburg as Chik-Fil-A city. Appropriately enough, I arrived at my aunts F-Burg abode to discover a Christmas eve dinner of-you guessed it-130 nuggets and a heaping of now renamed "chik fil a-sauce". So here's to you, Hugh Fleming, you beautiful bastard.

G4TV is my shit. Even though its been threw a few changed, both good and bad. Ninja Warrior, and bonsai for that matter. I'm super stoked for there to be an American Ninja warrior. I love how hard the Jap's get trolled when a country farm boy uses his foreign strength/height/ballerness to basicly skip obstacles.

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