Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need. More. Wobble...

These barafunks think they know wuss grapes? They don't. So I looked up the dirtiest of events going on over this winter break. I'm ignoring New Year's shit, there's too much going on.


Winter Wobbleland - December, 17th [DMV]

This one is 21+ event, which is hella gheigh for yours truly. It supposed to be a pretty womped event for those lucky or hip enough to know what's good. Hosted by LBX and Bassface, darkstep, dnb, breakbeat, and basstarded house are all going to be featured here. Only downside is the location, it's in Centreville, gods know why...

Winter Rehab - December, 18th [RVA]

This rave/dance party is being run by the same stoopkids that did Wonderland, so this should be pretty wile. It's featuring 6Blocc, Prolific, Hot Pocketz, Kimsey, Dave Gee, Turnstyle Soundsystem, and obviously a lot more. Kulture is hookin it up with $12 tickets ahead of time.

Dub Nation Vol. 22
- Also December, 18th [DMV]

Mothafuckin SKRILLEX and MAYHEM, god damn. This Baltimore jont is going to be absolutely ridiculous. I missed Skrillex when he was here in RVA, so this would be a good chance to catch him. After checking the dubstep pulse, tickets seem to be sold out except for StubHub or other saucy ticket brokers sites. Perhaps this event is too commercial for true bassheads...

Naughty and Nice 2
- December 22nd [DMV]

This jont is in D.C. a few days before Christmas. It's featuring AK1200, ReidSpeed, Uberzone, Terry Mullan, fellow Richlingtoner DJ Question, and more. Tickets at GrooveTickets.

- January 8th, 2011 [RVA]

This one looks pretty interesting to me. It has some underground breakbeat and dubstep breakshit going on. Expect some new music you might not have heard before and expect some kangols and track suits. It's $5 for 21+ and $7 for 18-20 at the Camel.

Dub Nation Vol. 23
- January 15th, 2011

This one looks so ill. It's being triple headlined by PropTingz, Sluggo, and Dillon Francis. All of this shit for only 10 bucks, I'm fucking going. I'm buying tickets as soon as I finish posting because I know this is gonna be going fast, fast, fast. WHOLETEEEEEEM.

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