Thursday, December 23, 2010

Via laptops that DJ at Ultrabar

We just got back from Naughty & Nice 2 at Ultrabar in DC tonight, which was an absolute banger. I swear that building grew a floor, who knew it had four levels?!? Tonight was extra dope, as fellow Richlingtonian DJ Question spun from 11:00pm to 12:00am and brought the house down. Now I'm blogging on his crippled DJ magic machine.

Anyway, somehow I completely forgot to take pictures, which was unlike me. Believe it or not, completely sober mannytabloid was jamming too hard to remember to capture the event on film. Thankfully, friends with cameras were getting it all on video and stills, which we'll get to you shortly.

After Question's set, I managed to make my way up to what seemed like the 95th floor of this club to find Reid Speed (Someone said pronouncing it the same as 'to read' was incorrect. any hints?) blasting what was an immensely crucial set in the grimiest of rooms. Everything in the room I wouldn't touch without lysol, but everyone there, including the DJ, were all preposterously attractive.

I haven't partied like that in a while.

News flash Bulletin: It's cold as balls, and I'm ready for summer. I'm tired of grabbing my chapstick and finding it filled all the way to the cap. Hella rage. But to look forward to, there's this group of guys called Badass raves has been throwing down all year and it looks like they plan to continue the trend. Lookout for info coming up. (P.S. For New Years, Heaven and Hell 3 looks like a fun time.)

Finally, if you haven't seen the cartoon Adventure Time, you're missing one of the most subtle cartoons of the decade. This is the modern day equivalent to Ren & Stimpy being shown on Nickelodeon, so props to Cartoon Network for airing it during the day. Drug references on children's shows are some of my most treasured memories from growing up.

(Video unrelated. Except it is related, as it's two main characters from the show.)

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