Monday, December 20, 2010

Appropriate Name? Nah - Winter Rehab Review

Hhhh'OK. Ya man Kilometers went to Winter Rehab on Saturday the 18th to check out the local wobbles. MISTAKE. The show was pretty much a catastrophe from a personal stand point.

Firstly, the flier promised 15+ DJ's, which was totally incorrect. I was there for three hours and all I saw was one fat mexican House DJ and some random ass DnB bitch in the other room.

Secondly, the show was not planned well. There was a walkway/catwalk where people were showing off rave worthy clothes, instead of having dancing in front the DJ like a normal show. All I could think was "what the fuck?" An unfortunate part of the show was the date as well. Most VCU students had already left and with the location being in Midlo, there weren't enough people for a real rave environment. I was talking to more drug dealers than bitties, not cool.

So in conclusion, I'm looking for the next Wonderland and haven't found it. It was a waste of $12 and a roll, wholetime. Hopefully, Naughty and Nice 2 will be bumpin.

There was some cool merch though...

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