Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wait, whose clappas?!

Whether we like to admit to it or not, most of us can remember a time where we flirted with who weren't supposed to flirt with, talked to the girl asking for trouble just because there was no option at the time. We want to remember all of those fleeting moments in time when we feel most alive.

Luckily, Cunninlynguists manage to drop a beat that underscores all of that and more in, 'Mexico,' a single from their last album, 'Dirty Acres.' The lyricism is tip top, swear these guys are the Boss of hip-hop. In all honesty the highly under-appreciated trio of Kno, Deacon tha Villain, and Natti has been on my iPod since at least mid-junior year era, I apologize for not sharing them with yall earlier.

So share the song with your girl, where yall can 'go down to mexico, where the reefer is cheaper and the sex is slow.'

If you want more, check out Yellow Lines off the same album. For some serious lyrical ability listen to 616 Rewind Ft. Tonedeff, Sankofa, Kashal Tee & Celph Titled

(I'm back yall, sorry for the absence. But I've got tons to write about, Winter break brings times of change.)

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